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About us.

Ranjeet K. Shah

Ranjeet K. Shah proprietor of Kruti Construction is a living embodiment of the above statement. Strong willed and high spirited, he started his career at the age of 19. He has been the driving force of the organization for the past 30 years. Very early in his career he had the opportunity to collaborate with giants like International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, thus moving up the ladder to acquire the position of a prominent builder in the soon-to-be smart city of Solapur.
KRUTI is a construction company specializing in construction management and design-build services. Throughout our history, we've succeeded by providing a wide range of construction solutions to our clients and delivering a whole lot of quality work. At the end of the 80s, we dipped our toes into general contracting and construction management services. In 1995 we entered the builders' arena with a project of 1000+ units and happily satisfied customers in Phaltan (Dist. Satata) & Pandharpur (Dist. Solapur). We take pride in being the best-serving construction firm in the business.

Ranjeet Shah

Ranjeet Shah

Kruti Constructions

Kruti means an action; our whole organization is dedicatedly engaged in an action towards building sustainable construction solutions for our customers.

Victory has a sweet taste, but a short expiration date. That's why we are constantly hungry for our next opportunity, a new partnership and a chance to do more of what we love. Projects aren't trophies meant to be observed. They are our resume - our body of work. Finishing great projects beyond client expectations ensures that we will be in demand in new markets.

We're confident that, given the opportunity, our construction team members will work to the customer's delight with their industry expertise and undying passion.

Our Philosophy


Safety comes first. We invest in jobsite safety and continuing education to provide a safe working environment for everyone working on, visiting, or working near our jobsites.


We'll meet your expectations, and then we'll exceed them. Our team members will prove themselves to you through the success and the quality of your project.


We continually improve our training, tools and processes to increase the quality of service we provide our clients.


Your best interest is our only interest. We'll always move forward using our company's core values to establish mutual trust, and give you what you need.


We're the industry leader for a reason – we encourage our team members to work together to solve every single construction challenge we face.